eData Training & Reference

Training Resources

View the training resources for each of the topics below at your own pace.

How to Log In and Out of eData *
Using Internet Explorer with eData
Configuring Your Browser to Open New Tabs in eData
eData Tips & Troubleshooting
Understanding the eData Interface *
Using Filters to Generate Reports *
Exporting eData Reports to Excel Using Internet Explorer
Generating Custom Reports: University-Wide
Kuali and eData Glossary of Terms
eData Finance Lite
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting Manual
Generating Financial Summary Reports
Generating Labor Summary Reports
Generating Object Summary Reports
Class to Object Code Crosswalk
Generating General Fund Budget Reports
Sub-Account Reporting
Sub-Account Reporting Manual
Generating Sub-Account Reports
eData to KFS: Fixing a Miscode
Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) Reporting
SPA Reporting Manual
Generating SPA Financial Reports
Generating SPA Object Reports
Sponsored Programs Reporting
Sponsored Programs Reporting Manual
Generating Proposal Reports
Generating Proposal Reports by Investigator
Generating Proposal Status Tracking Reports
Generating Award Reports
Generating Award Reports by Investigator

* Review these materials before you attend a face-to-face training session.

Training Resources for Faculty

The eData Faculty User Manual contains many of the topics found in the online training resources below, in one convenient document. The manual is routinely updated. Please make sure you are using the most recent version downloaded from the following link.

Download the eData Faculty User Manual

eData Faculty Fact Sheet: WebFM to eData Crosswalk
How to Log In and Out of eData *
Financial Reporting
Generating SPA Financial Reports
Budget Browse
Sponsored Programs Reporting
Proposal Reports by Investigator
Proposal and Award Search
Award Reports by Investigator
Generating Current and Pending Support Forms


Online Video
Quick Reference Guide (Step-by-Step Instructions) [PDF]
Job Aid (Detailed Information) [PDF]
Report Help [PDF]
Faculty Guide [PDF]

User Group Meeting Handouts

Meeting Date Handout(s)
May 18, 2016 e-Data University Wide Custom Reports [May 2016 Update]
April 20, 2016 e-Data University Wide Custom Reports [April 2016 Update]
October 21, 2015 Custom Reports – Do you need one?
July 22, 2015 There is more to e-Data than just Financial
Employee Portal Map
RMM Portal Map
Student Enrollment Portal Map
Financial Reporting Portal Map
Sponsored Programs Reporting Portal Map
May 20, 2015 Multi Year Survey
April 15, 2015 Managing Sub Accounts and Correcting Miscodes