Processing DVs Without Unnecessary Delays

August 7, 2013

To ensure that your Disbursement Vouchers (DVs) are processed without unnecessary delays, you need to understand when it is necessary to use a DV, when it is necessary to add a new vendor to the KFS Vendor file, and when to simply make a change to an existing Vendor.

When do you Need a KFS Vendor?

You will need a KFS Vendor when you use the DV. DVs are needed for:

  • Services of $100 or more
  • Any other taxable payment of $100 or more (research participants, prize winners, etc.)
  • Recurring payments (cell phones, utilities, etc.)

DVs should never be used for payments that require a purchase order.

Avoiding Unnecessary Vendor Setups

Nearly 30% of the Vendor setups requested so far have been disapproved because the KFS Vendor record already existed. Please use these tips to avoid unnecessary Vendor setups:

  • Most payees who were paid by ISU before July 1, 2013 already are in the KFS Vendor file and do not need to be added.
  • ISU employees should not be added as KFS Vendors, but can be selected by using the Person First Name and Person Last Name fields.
  • A Vendor setup is not required if the payment method is a Non-Check Disbursement or a Simple Disbursement Voucher.
  • If you need to create a Web Requisition, you should not create a KFS Vendor, as Purchasing will be creating a Vendor in its own Vendor file, which later will be imported into the KFS Vendor file.

Searching for a KFS Vendor

Sometimes a Vendor setup is requested unnecessarily because the existing KFS Vendor was not found. When searching for a Vendor, your probability of success will increase if you use these tips:

  • Use a fragment of a Vendor name, surrounded by asterisks. For example, use *ELSEVIER* instead of ELSEVIER INCORPORATED.
  • For individuals, use the LAST FIRST format instead of FIRST LAST in the Vendor Name field.
  • Do not search for an individual by using the Person First Name and Person Last Name fields.

Adding a New Address Instead of a New KFS Vendor

If the vendor is in the KFS Vendor file but needs a new address, edit the Vendor record by adding the new remittance address. For example, if you want to pay the City of Ames Chamber of Commerce, the City of Ames is the Vendor and exists in the system. Instead of adding the Chamber of Commerce or the City of Ames as a new vendor, add the Chamber of Commerce in the remittance address under City of Ames. Or, if this is a one time mailing to this address for the existing vendor, edit the address on the DV eDoc, after the KFS Vendor information has been retrieved.

Adding a New KFS Vendor

If you have searched and your Vendor is not in the KFS Vendor file, create a new Vendor. Remember to follow these important tips:

  • Use ALL CAPS in the Vendor name and address.
  • Individuals must be named using the LAST FIRST (DOE JANE) format, unless the individual is an ISU employee.
  • Attach supporting documentation (IPS form or W-9 form) with the new Vendor request.