About Kuali & eData

eData (Data Warehouse)

The data warehouse (eData) at Iowa State University consists of data extracted from the operational systems of various units on campus and makes that data available as historical snapshots for analysis and reporting purposes. Characteristics that distinguish data in eData from that found in the operational systems (such as Kuali, Payroll, Accounting, Purchasing, etc.) include:

  • Data is organized and structured for improved understanding and easier access.
  • Copies of the data are taken from the Kuali systems on a daily basis.
  • Once the data is placed in the data warehouse it is not changed. Rather, the historical data stored in the data warehouse is periodically refreshed with data from the operational databases.

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KC (Kuali Coeus)

KC is a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of research administration that fully addresses the needs from the researcher through grants administration.

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KFS (Kuali Financial System)

KFS provides program managers and administrators with ready access to current financial information for analysis and decision-making.

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